At Yoga Better, we believe that you don’t know what you think until you say it. So we take the time to understand what it is we believe through our writing and through the generous conversations we share with the brilliant, inspiring people in our lives.

The Yoga Better Podcast is a production of our hearts to yours with the hopes that you laugh, you cry, you sit up with excitement or disagreement, but are never, ever bored.

Entertainment and education in an hour-long radio show for your brain, the Yoga Better Podcast.

Season 3 Episodes (2024-)

Ep. 3.1 – Marriage + Business Part 3/Infinity
Ep. 3.2 – Steven Kaufman: The Philosopher Entrepreneur

Season 2 Episodes (2021-22)

Ep. 2.6 – Marriage + Business Part 2/3 + Photography
Ep. 2.5 – Marriage + Business Part 1/3 + A Plain View to Laughter –
Ep. 2.4 – Robert Boustany, Fender Jazz Bass, and the City of Gold
Ep. 2.3 – Building Things – Interview w/ Valedor’s Shawn Patterson and Jeremy Radcliffe
Ep. 2.2 – Creativity, Covid, Menopause, and Bo Burnham’s Inside
Ep. 2.1 – What/Who is/are Yoga Better?