What is this course all about?

In the accepted career path for yoga instructors, there are only 3 ways to actually make a living teaching yoga:⁣

1. Start a studio (which means you are now a studio owner rather than teacher).⁣

2. Travel, likely teaching workshops at yoga festivals or hosting retreats.⁣

3. Hustle on social media in the hopes that you’ll get a following.⁣

What if you could design your own path?⁣

“What do you mean?” you ask.⁣⁣

Andrew Dugas teaches more than 50 classes a week, 40 of which are private lessons out of his home studio.

At any pay rate, do the math and you can see that just for his teaching, he is one of the highest paid non-famous teachers alive.

He set out very early to work 7 days a week, to ‘never be famous,’ and to create a future for his family. ⁣⁣Along the way, he’s accumulated…

Along the way, he’s accumulated…

26,000 +

Hours of Teaching


Years of Teaching

Where did he get these ideas, these solutions, and more importantly – is there a way you can overcome what is stopping you from creating, working, and having the schedule and income of your dreams?⁣

In this course, you’ll get the tools you need to get you started on the
path and closer to where you’d like to be…  


… in your business 

… in your reputation 

… and setting you up for your future.⁣

Okay, give me the details!

Course Investment


Ready to design a life you love, with real income to support it?

Andrew Royal Dugas, Founder of Yoga Better

From your instructor, Andrew: 

“I’ve been thinking about how to answer this question for more than a decade. In 2008 I committed to working. This commitment has created many novel solutions and choices. For instance, I have taught 7 days a week since October of 2010 and have been teaching more than 50 classes a week since 2011.

You can start a studio. You can write blogs. You can start other businesses.

Or you can teach yoga. What if that is how you made a living? That’s my goal for you and this course is everything I know about it: Every problem I’ve solved; Every tenet I’ve used; All for you.

I guarantee you will increase your yearly income by the price of the course… that means the course, all of my coaching, all of our support… it’s free.

Join us in the course!

– Andrew Royal Dugas, Founder of Yoga Better


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