0:00:00 –  Intro
0:02:53 – Hey Andria
0:06:55 – Main Conversation – Part the First
0:39:45 – Intermission – Pun-ish Minute
0:48:39 – Main Conversation – Part the Second
1:00:44 – Andrew’s Obsessions

In one of our darkest moments, two friends of the style, stepped up and offered their support in thinking our way our of our pandemic-induced financial jam.

Shawn Patterson and Jeremy Radcliffe are bad-ass Houston-native business people with resumes out the wazoo. You will find them now mostly at their investment firm Valedor and these are two of the nicest damn people you will ever meet. Thoughtful, curious, sharp as Japanese cutlery…the kind of people you hope to find in your community

In this episode, we talk about

  • Houston
  • Community
  • Parenting
  • Business 
  • Relationships
  • Measurement problems

Included are odes to Letterkenny, Ace Ventura, The Princess Bride and many more. 

Andrew’s Obsession –

I like singing little ditties.

What if you turned perfectly dull parts of your life into a musical?

Below is the class with the silly song before 60 Backbend Pushups.