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The Yoga Better Training
is life-changing

Now you can take the
famous course at home!

Are you ready to finally understand how this stuff works?
This course is the light that will illuminate your future!

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“A Full Training, but only online?”

You got it. Videos. Five Books of our knowledge. In-person weekly coaching. You will grow faster than you thought possible right there where you live!

The most detail of any training, guaranteed!

The best Anatomy Course.
The best Posture and Mechanics Course.
The best Business Course.
The best Leadership Course.
The best Communication Course.

All included for one price.

We train doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, pilates instructors, coaches, athletes, and people operating at the highest levels of performance.

We also teach more students over 75 than any other style. We specialize in teaching and training teachers to specialize in Older Clients, finally creating a home for people to feel better while starting in later life.

“What Do I Get for $3,000?”

Nearly 200 Hours of the best video instruction on planet Earth + Saturn

Hardcopies of every document used in the course mailed to you

Homework for each lesson to bring your training to your life

Most practical and deep Anatomy anywhere

Foundational understanding of what postures are, how they work, and how to adjust them for any level or issue

One Year Access to the course!

A test that gives you the option to be a Yoga Better Certified Teacher

Access to Graduate-Level Trainings here in Houston and Online

Groundbreaking training not found in any other style or training in
– Communication
– Leadership
– Goal-setting and Achievement
– Learning
– Business inside and outside Yoga

+ You get a free one year subscription to the Yoga Better Subscription site with more than a thousand videos and new livestreams every week!

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“Why So Expensive?”

Our goal is to bring the craziest value of any course you have ever taken. We don’t hold back or keep things from you in our Training. Everything we know that can make a difference is right here.

If you took courses individually that gave the same value:

  • $10,000 Anatomy Course
  • $2,000 Communication Course
  • $4,000 Leadership Course
  • $10,000 Postures and Mechanics Course
  • $2,000 Business Course

= $28,000 in value at $1,000!

Videos made for any device.

In addition to the crazy amazingness of the YBt-ONLINE Course, you get the online subscription site which is committed to document every single thing that makes a difference in people’s health!

A truly evolutionary style.

The Yoga Better practice is this: develop a connection to your body so profound that you feel better, have better overall functionality, and are stronger and more flexible.

We do it all so that you can live pain-free, be more functional every year, and eventually get on the ground and play with your great grand-children.

What our Graduates have to say…

Danny Kou
YBt-ONLINE Beta-Tester

I leap into my 200th handstand for the night. It’s only been 20 minutes into class and the instructor asks if we’re ready to begin. Our warmup has filled the room with heat from our jumps. I remember what being me felt like a year ago before the teacher training started. It would be quicker to list out where I wasn’t feeling pain. The movements I was afraid to do are what I do now on a regular basis before the real workout even begins. Now, I can express strength through more ranges of motion and appreciate new movement. I can enjoy and play with the limits of having a human body and manage my own movements safely. My Yoga Better Teacher Training has taken me to a whole new level with my health and my practice. I am stronger now than I have ever been in my life.

Physicality aside, my mental state has transcended since taking this course. Through Andrew and Andria’s coaching, I was able to reach out and connect with people where previously I had no words. The power of language, the ability to express myself, and the capacity for empathy were all invaluable tools that I have incorporated into my everyday life. I can finally express love to the people who matter to me.

As a teacher, my effectiveness relies heavily on my ability as a communicator. Not only can I reach a new audience, but I can also help myself grow. I never realized that communicating with myself was a huge missing step in my development. My main profession is a martial arts instructor and having a way to describe and be familiar with anatomy is absolutely essential to being able to teach people how to move safely – even in a hostile / combative environment. In the course, we learn how to do things The Hard Way and recognize the difference between being clever by escaping the hard things that can help us grow and embracing difficulty for the sake of long-term improvement that is present in every moment following this one.

People around me have acknowledged how this course has transformed me and made me unrecognizable. I am simply more capable at bringing about the change I want to see. Everyone’s experience in this teacher training is unique and completely their own. The course is designed to help the participants get back a thousandfold whatever they put in. At times, it is difficult but well worth the investment. After all, anything worth doing is at least a little inconvenient. Through this course, I was able to overcome so many obstacles that my current landscape is entirely different. I proposed to the love of my life. I’m moving into my first home and getting ready to start a family. I’m reconnecting with people that I thought I burnt bridges with. I’m ending sentences with prepositions. Do you get to put a price tag on reclaiming a stake in life? Well worth what I paid 20 times over. I have this course to thank for the life I enjoy today.

My daily practice involves gratitude and love for everything. I am present to how fortunate I am. This course changed my life and I haven’t stopped suggesting it to anyone within earshot.

Thank you so much for everything, Andrew and Andria!!

What our students have to say about our style –

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