So, what are we doing?

We have been hard at work to get live streaming set up on My Yoga Better. This will be separate from any blocks you purchase through the Studio, but, with your My Yoga Better subscription, the plan is to have classes every day streaming on a page for members only. Yay! Those classes will be recorded and be added to the ever-growing library of classes for members.

For clients, Andria and I will begin face-time or Zoom calling as soon as next week. Expect a call from us in the coming days.

For those of you that aren’t My Yoga Better subscribers yet, you can still get your first month free with the promo code ‘Co-video20’. Obviously, if you need the financial help, please use that code and let this work support you. If you don’t need financial help, the $10 will help support us doing our work.

For now, all payments for Studio Yoga Better through Mindbody are going to sit there till there’s a studio again or we think of a great way to allow all of you to use them. Thanks for your understanding.

Everyone says they wish they had just a little more time. Well, BLAM! Here you go. We are still committed to all of you and to having fun with the precious time we do have.

Thank you all for sharing a bit of your lives with us and let’s stay connected and joyful together (separately).

All of our love,
Andrew and Andria Dugas

What is Yoga Better?

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been developing a new style of practice and teaching based on a very simple commitment:

That you feel better when you walk out of the door than when you walked in.

Who are we?

We’re a group of some of the most highly trained teachers in the city, offering a style that challenges the expectation of what a yoga class is and can be, while staying fun and accessible.

Our commitment? Your health.

Yoga Better Studio

Want to try the Yoga Better style in a group class setting? Looking for in depth workshops?

Our Houston, Texas -based studio is the place to go!

From self-conscious absolute beginners, to seasoned pros, there’s a class for you.

My Yoga Better

Located outside of Houston, or simply want to improve your home practice?

Our online home for the Yoga Better style is for you!

Our lives and careers are built on you feeling better. Now, that can happen when we’re not in the room.

Yoga Better Courses

Are you wanting to start teaching yoga, deepen your understanding of the body, or grow your career as a yoga instructor?

Then our advanced courses are your starting point!

These courses are designed solely to empower you.

Yoga Better Blog

We’ve got a lot to say, and writing is one of our favorite ways to share our thoughts, findings, and philosophy.

To dive deep into the Yoga Better style, discover what we might be about, and learn something new, then our blog posts are for you. 

What are people saying about Yoga Better?

"I am 71 with back issues resulting from an accident approximately 3 years ago. I can say (with absolute certainty) that the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Yoga Better has greatly improved the quality of my life. I go without fail at least 3 days a week. This dedication to improving my health and a determination to living longer better has resulted with me becoming more flexible, with an improvement in my balance and with an increase in my core strength and body awareness. Thanks Yoga Better, you are a fantastic professional group of yoga specialist and caring individuals!"
Larry M.
Google Review
"I love these classes! The first time I took a class with Andrew, in 2012 (before they moved to their current location), I thought it was way too intense. But something had me go back to the second class, and since then I just couldn't get enough of how my body felt after every. single. class. A lot stronger, increased range of motion, new muscles I didn't even know I had. I also was able to start running again after a long pause because of ankle/hip weakness, and lower back pain/weakness totally disappeared."
Marta A.
Google Review
"Yoga Better has great instruction and great instructors. I can't imaging not going to a session."
Christina M.
Google Review
"I love Yoga Better! I've taken yoga all over town at different locations, and Yoga Better is the only place I haven't injured something. The teachers are amazing and the classes make your body feel great. Plus the people are fun!"
Lisa B.
Google Review

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