Gratitude for you from Yoga Better HQ Here in Houston:

Like most of you, we here at YB HQ have spent most of the last few days without power and a dwindling supply of water.

That’s kind of a big deal. It’s threatening, like the hurricane, and if you didn’t know, that feeling coursing through your veins and that tension around your neck:

That’s Stress

We have gotten spurts of power, enough to write this (hopefully), but promising to even be able to livestream is too much both for us and for you. 

The moment we can, we will start up LIVESTREAMING, then studio classes. 

Be safe. Be warm. Wool Socks. Hug someone you like.

And we’ll see you soon enough. 

Andrew + Andria

COVID-19 UPDATE - October, 2020
We're Open Now, Basically!

6 months to the day that we closed in March, we began in-person classes again at the Studio. Who’s Excited?

There is no way to know how the decisions we make this month will impact the future, but, as we always have, we choose the best we can now

That said, there are some small decisions we can make that have some impact on probabilities. 

1. We will limit classes to 15 people.
2. Masks will be required for all students at all times.
3. Every In-Person class will have a Zoom option for those not comfortable with being around yucky other people. 

For a deeper cut of our thinking on the “Why Masks?” conversation, Here’s a Blog post.

If you didn’t know, we love you all and love any opportunity to support you and your health. From Zoom, to our subscription site, to the future of Yoga classes, we’re here for you.

All the best,
The Yoga Better Crew

What is Yoga Better?

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been developing a new style of practice and teaching based on a very simple commitment:

That you feel better when you walk out of the door than when you walked in.

Who are we?

We’re a group of some of the most highly trained teachers in the city, offering a style that challenges the expectation of what a yoga class is and can be, while staying fun and accessible.

Our commitment? Your health.

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What are people saying about Yoga Better?

"I am 71 with back issues resulting from an accident approximately 3 years ago. I can say (with absolute certainty) that the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Yoga Better has greatly improved the quality of my life. I go without fail at least 3 days a week. This dedication to improving my health and a determination to living longer better has resulted with me becoming more flexible, with an improvement in my balance and with an increase in my core strength and body awareness. Thanks Yoga Better, you are a fantastic professional group of yoga specialist and caring individuals!"
Larry M.
Google Review
"I love these classes! The first time I took a class with Andrew, in 2012 (before they moved to their current location), I thought it was way too intense. But something had me go back to the second class, and since then I just couldn't get enough of how my body felt after every. single. class. A lot stronger, increased range of motion, new muscles I didn't even know I had. I also was able to start running again after a long pause because of ankle/hip weakness, and lower back pain/weakness totally disappeared."
Marta A.
Google Review
"Yoga Better has great instruction and great instructors. I can't imaging not going to a session."
Christina M.
Google Review
"I love Yoga Better! I've taken yoga all over town at different locations, and Yoga Better is the only place I haven't injured something. The teachers are amazing and the classes make your body feel great. Plus the people are fun!"
Lisa B.
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