The Crew

What will I get?

The Yoga Better Training redesigns everything we think of when we picture a yoga training course with the simple goal to inspire and nurture the growth of you as a practitioner and leader. Each participant gets a unique experience, with outcomes that far surpass expectations, not from a mystical guru relationship, but rather by empowering you in your goals, your mission, your dreams, your life.

Promises of the Course
  • You will have a profound new knowledge of yoga anatomy, postures, teaching, leading, communicating, thinking, and learning..
  • You will create an awareness of why you do what you do.
  • You will create clarity on what it is that you truly want.
  • You will develop the skills of creating structures in your life that support having those things.
  • You will have more power regardless of your life circumstances.
  • You will have the ability to be yourself in the face of anyone’s behavior or feedback.
  • You will have breakthroughs in your personal goals.
  • You will have a massive increase in your capacity for deep love and empathy.
  • You will have the ability to communicate at the highest levels.
  • You will see this course a turning point, forever demarcating a before and after of how you view and behave in life.
  • You will be able to teach a great class anywhere, of any size or category, regardless of how you feel, to anyone at any level, condition, issue, history, attitude and facial expression.
What is the fundamental difference in what you teach?

The difference in the Yoga Better style and training is in the perspective that underpins its explorations and solutions.

Instead of passing on the torch of any historical strains of movement and though, we’ve started from the ground up with a simple but revolutionary question:

What will make a lasting difference in you feeling better right now?

No other style focuses on you from start to finish.

Yoga Better teachers take a naturalistic world-view in explaining and developing the physical practice and in how we view the role of the teacher. We take the view that psychic or cosmic energy is not real, and we do not use the magical or mystical to explain the phenomena normally associated with a yoga practice, meditation, emotional health, relationships, leadership, learning, the cosmos, etc. In the Yoga Better practice, we focus on practical solutions, measurable results, all with the goal that you as a practitioner feel better, and in the training, that you as a participant are empowered to live the life you’re most in love with.

In that way, Andrew is not your guru; he doesn’t have special powers and abilities that you’ll get by just being around him. Andrew is a coach who has lots of experience in the skills of empowering you to be a rockstar. In the Yoga Better course, he doesn’t teach from ‘on high’, but rather is your partner is your own growth, crazily committed that you grow.

Your course includes:

-200 hours with Andrew
-2 Certifications
(200 Hour Yoga Alliance & Level I Yoga Better Instructor)
-Guaranteed to be the hardest course you have ever taken
-Limited spots for focused study

Areas of Study:

Mechanical, Neurological, & Circulatory AnatomyThis is the most comprehensive and accurate anatomy course you can take.
Postures with Variations More than 1,000 covered
Injuries and PreventionAlways based on best practices
PedagogyUnderstanding how to be consistent, effective and empowered teaching
BreathingThe single most important tool for presence – We learn mechanics and best practices
MeditationWhat it is, and what it’s not
CommunicationAs a leader, your most important tool
Yoga History and ContextWhy are we here and where we can go
Business and MoneyEmpowered around money in yoga? Yes!
Learning and CognitionLearning to learn for ourselves and how to teach that
Your Reason to TeachWhy are you standing in front of the room?
A totally sweet gift at the end!You gotta take it to see!!
…and a crazy amount more

For the certifications there will be two tracks:

For the Yoga Alliance Certification
-full attendance and understanding of materials.

For the Yoga Better, Level I Teacher Certification
in addition to the above,
-Pass test of understanding, thinking, and knowledge.
-Group teaching and homework requisites.

Now you know – you’re going to get ALL of this… and much, MUCH more!
So… what are you waiting for?