0:00:00 –  Intro
0:00:43 – Hey Andria
0:04:53 – Main Conversation – Part the First
0:25:58 – Intermission – Pun-ish Minute
0:37:47 – Main Conversation – Part the Second
0:54:30 – Poe-Do Poe-try Reading


Running is business if fraught with danger and intrigue. How do you succeed when your business partner is your life partner. Neither of you can fire each other (easily!).

Today’s conversation looks at the pitfalls and tricks of the above conundrum.

Poe-Do Reading (Where I Read a Poem) –

This Season, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite poems. Today’s is one I wrote on our 5th Anniversary, “Fifth-A-Versary” in 2008.