0:00:00 –  Intro
0:01:08 – Hey Andria
0:03:32 – Main Conversation – Part the First
0:23.17 – Intermission – Pun-ish Minute
0:26:33 – Main Conversation – Part the Second
0:53:51 – Poe-Do Poe-try Reading

 Steven Kaufman is a man of many things. If you only see his social media, he alternates between lavish luxury and brutal calisthenics. The Steven we know is a nearly over-the-top generous, inquisitive, honest, funny, humble, open, loving, kind, and intensely alive Houstonian. He is a Doctor of Phycology and a Yoga Better Certified Leader. 

In this episode we talk about Identity, movement, yoga, business, and more, with Steven’s flare for diving deep with ease.

Love you, Steven.

Poe-Do Reading (Where I Read a Poem) –

This Season, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite poems. Today’s is one I wrote about a very silly night of games and sentimentality called, “Balderdash” in 2017.