New Site – Bigger Vision

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We finally updated our website!

Sheesh, that took a bit! We here at Yoga Better love growing and our ambition for you to feel better has grow with every passing year.

Here’s a widdle history of what it took to get here and a peek at what the future will bring.

Andrew has always had a vision to document everything he knew that make a difference in people’s health. The first leap into putting his money where his hopes were begin in 2013 when he began videoing for what were to be a series of DVDs. Yes, DVDs. That’s how long ago 2013 was. By 2014, he had recorded more than a dozen videos but he could see that DVDs were quickly going to be coasters and the future lay in the digital subscriptions. This was even better, because you could get everything for a low price and come and go with your personal usage. This would also allow a ton more content to be consolidated.

In 2015 we put even more money into the project. After 6 months of 100 hour weeks, we had nearly 100 videos but still no website. Turns out the developers were scammers here in Houston and we lost nearly $10,000. It took a few years to lick those wounds, but in 2017, with the help of some amazing friends and mentors, we launched the beta-site we have all come to know.

Once the pandemic hit, we knew it was time to triple-down, and invest in a serious upgrade. It took a bit, but our friends at Red Giant Creative were patient as we put the upgrades into both the backend where we will be able to offer much more kinds of content, as well as big improvements to\ the user experience.

Whew! That’s a lot and we’re so glad to be here, now, with each of you.

All the Love,
Andrew, Andria + The Whole YB Team