New Site – Bigger Vision

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We finally updated our website!

Sheesh, that took a bit! We here at Yoga Better love growing and our ambition for you to feel better has grow with every passing year.

Here’s a widdle history of what it took to get here and a peek at what the future will bring.

Andrew has always had a vision to document everything he knew that make a difference in people’s health. The first leap into putting his money where his hopes were begin in 2013 when he began videoing for what were to be a series of DVDs. Yes, DVDs. That’s how long ago 2013 was. By 2014, he had recorded more than a dozen videos but he could see that DVDs were quickly going to be coasters and the future lay in the digital subscriptions. This was even better, because you could get everything for a low price and come and go with your personal usage. This would also allow a ton more content to be consolidated.

mYB- Yoga Better Classes in Your Home!


WE DID IT! After 5 years of work, the Yoga Better style finally has an online home to support your home practice. What do you do between classes? My Yoga Better, of course! $10 a month?! Are you kidding? Nope! Our lives and careers have been built on you feeling better, and now we can have that happen even when … Read More

mYB New Updates, FINALLY!


Who’s excited?! After 3 months work, we’ve finally got the new server seamlessly integrated into the site! That means – 92 Videos 3 New Categories – WORKSHOPS, sYB CLASSES, HOW STUFF WORKS Big New List of Updates – Things To Still Fix (ASAP!) – Clickable Graphic for “My Body” – Playlists

How to open up your splits (and why you should care)

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Many of us have “get full 180-degree splits” written down on a forgotten New Year’s Resolutions list or goals notebook somewhere. We talk about it to our friends, ask our yoga teacher for tips, and dream about that “someday” that your hips finally plunk on the floor. But why do we care about splits this much? Read on to discover our top reasons you should be working on splits.

Stressed out? Here are some yoga classes you can do.

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If you’ve got tension in your neck, pain in your back, and you’re holding your breath, then this 4-class combination is just what you need. Come back to it anytime – you can’t do this enough!

New This Week – Two New Workshops! 10.17.2019

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Backbends for the Unbendy with Andria A most excellent introduction to spinal extension…or should we say, spinal life-extension! If you want your spine to feel amazing, particularly if you have a fancy spine that you don’t trust and feels unstable, then every morsel that Andria shares in this 2 hour workshop is worth its digital weight in gold. How Meditation … Read More

New This Week – 10.3.19

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Hey MyYogaBetter team! We’ve got some brand-new classes up for you, both focused on one thing: your back! 1. An semi-spicy, bendy, backbend practice2. The 10 minutes that will transform your back! Let’s get into it! 1. Backbends for the Bendy 2. How To: The Back Speil Make sure you’re logged in, click on the title or picture of the … Read More