New Site – Bigger Vision

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We finally updated our website!

Sheesh, that took a bit! We here at Yoga Better love growing and our ambition for you to feel better has grow with every passing year.

Here’s a widdle history of what it took to get here and a peek at what the future will bring.

Andrew has always had a vision to document everything he knew that make a difference in people’s health. The first leap into putting his money where his hopes were begin in 2013 when he began videoing for what were to be a series of DVDs. Yes, DVDs. That’s how long ago 2013 was. By 2014, he had recorded more than a dozen videos but he could see that DVDs were quickly going to be coasters and the future lay in the digital subscriptions. This was even better, because you could get everything for a low price and come and go with your personal usage. This would also allow a ton more content to be consolidated.

Colors are Mostly Nouns


This past Saturday, I casually made a statement that, to me was an obvious fact. “Blue, as in Blue, the noun.” In my courses, I am surrounded by wonderfully brilliant people with neat skill sets and wouldn’t you know it, not 2 milliseconds after my utterance, two people chimed in that Blue, the color, is an adjective. In fact, they … Read More

Yoga Better Training YBt 2020


Nothing is the Same We’ve done this work for years. Years before we opened a studio. Years before we stared a website. This course was the very first thing we at Yoga Better created to make a difference in your lives. We set out in 2009 with the simple commitment: To help as many people as possible. Why a Teacher … Read More

An Update from The Founders


An update from the founders

Well Hello There! It is now April, and it’s been since February that we’ve been a presence in any of your lives. Tomorrow would have been the day Andria and I would have begun teaching again. My, what a quaint, innocence that was. We thought it would be nice to give a full update on the last month for us … Read More

Giving the Gift of Yoga Better

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If you’re looking to give the gift of feeling better, then look no further than our gift cards for studio classes or online yoga on the go!

What is Yoga Better?

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We can’t wait to practice with you!

What is Yoga Better? If you’ve been coming to our classes for a long time, you know our style of yoga is a different than all the other yoga you have experienced before. Or perhaps this is your first time here, and you’re trying to figure out what this new style of yoga is all about. So, how do we … Read More

May 11th, Join us for “An Evening of Ideas”


Join us for a special opportunity to sit down with one-of-a-kind entrepreneurs and creative thinkers from Houston. We’ll explore the impact these individuals are causing, their life before yoga, and the conversations that fundamentally shifted their mindsets and led them to where they are today. Featuring Lisa Helfman, Steven Kaufman, and Andria Dugas on our panel and Andrew Dugas as … Read More

An Evening with Robert Boustany!


An Evening with Robert Boustany

Join us, April 21st from 6-8 pm Hear the amazing story of how Houston produced one of the most influential yoga teachers in the last 30 years, Robert Boustany. The event will be held interview-style by his longtime friend Andrew Dugas, who will be proposing thought-provoking, funny, and intimate questions. UPDATE 5/3: Thanks to those that came and watched, it … Read More

Episode 0.0 – YBp – Yoga Better Podcast – WLM 1.22.19


Write Love Month

WLM_Print Some of you may have noticed my announcements for Write Love Month, an idea I began in 2011. This year we’re putting some real effort into it, joining forces with some fantastic small businesses here in Houston. The other thing you should know is our new Yoga Better Podcast, YB training for your ears, will be debuting officially in … Read More