Stressed out? Here are some yoga classes you can do.

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This is your 4-class combination that you can go to anytime you want to mindfully de-stress.

The order of the videos will walk you first walk through how to feel your body (as the name suggests!), and the goal is to keep feeling your body through the rest of the classes.

Next up (and you can do this sitting!) you’ll tackle one of our main stress-accumulators: the neck!

Finally, you’ll end with a class that tackles any issues in the back and hips from sitting, and the final class that will put you right to sleep on the floor.

Bookmark this blog post so you can easily come back to this yoga for stress! You can do this practice as much as you’d like!

Classes in this playlist:
How to Feel Your Body
Look Good Necked
Professional Sitter
Absolutely Floored

Once you’ve tried it, let us know what you think in the comments below!