Yoga Better Training YBt 2020


Nothing is the Same

We’ve done this work for years. Years before we opened a studio. Years before we stared a website. This course was the very first thing we at Yoga Better created to make a difference in your lives. We set out in 2009 with the simple commitment: To help as many people as possible.

Why a Teacher Training Course first? Simple:
To train leaders to go out and teach more than Andria and I could ourselves.

Why are we doing the Course at this time?

The first week in March, when the crisis ended our amazing vacation early, it was clear to me that nothing would be the same after this. That thinking extended to our course, the Yoga Better Training (YBt).

Skip to the end of April and enough people seemed interested, I looked into how to deliver it via Zoom and was pleasantly surprised (after solving technical issues) that we could create a course that would make a lasting difference for its participants and be worth everyone’s time and money. So here we are, going full-steam to get our YBt2020 off the ground.

Who is this for?

We always say this course isn’t for everyone at just any point in their lives. That said, there is never a perfect time to take the course. There will always be something.

If you are wanting something different in your practice, in your classes, in your leadership, in your ability to communicate, in your understanding of how things work, you will love this course.

If you know that learning and growing are hard, you will love this course.

If you haven’t learned that yet, but love learning and growing, you will also love this course (after a bit of time being annoyed by it😊)

If you have the feeling something is missing in your yoga – This course is for you.

How are we different?

This style is special – it allows people of hugely divergent beliefs, focuses, goals, and backgrounds to grow and develop in those areas in which they want to grow. We are a style based on commitments to learning and growth, rather than a strict new dogma of what to the think, say, and practice.  

In the Yoga Better style, you get better at being you, and trusting yourself while you do it.

How will this course be delivered and how will it feel?

We will be using Zoom as the course platform for the YBt2020.

That means, you have 100% access to me and are connected to the course and its participants every moment of the way. We are sending an HD camera signal from our Story street studio right to your home and use 3 cameras to get the best shot for you to learn.

Simultaneous to our streaming, we record the session both through zoom and on a separate, much higher quality capture on our local server. That second, higher quality video will be yours to review after ever class, capturing everything I say for the course.

You won’t miss a moment.

Though we don’t claim it will be easy, we had great success with students streaming into the course before and we are committed to making this the best course we have ever created.

In addiction to Zoom class times, you will have

  • Group work + Homework
  • Weekly 10 minute personal coaching call with Andria
  • Weekly 1 hour group check-in call with Andrew

All in service of you having a great YBt2020.

Join Us

If you are interested – Join us every Sunday on our Zoom Q+A calls.

If you know you want to but can’t afford it – Contact us and make some magic happen.

All The Love,
Andrew + The Yoga Better Team