What’s New, Like For Real! 10.15.18


So we’re officially up in the new studio! Woot!

New Videos This Week –
– EASY – That’s Handy – What a handy video! Have your hands feel better now.
– EASY – Breath O-Clock – The simplest, bestest breathing practice I train.
– EASY – Cal-einated Stretch – Stretch your baby cows!
– EASY – Marilyn’s Hips – Nerve pain? Feel bad when you sit for long periods?
– EASY – Knee-Hab – For (nearly) all of your knee woes.
– MEDIUM – So You’ve Been Walking a Lot on Your Trip – Hips and back feel weird from your trip?
– MEDIUM – Leg-O-Loss – In honor of Lord of the Rings, here’s awfully nice leg class that will feel great tomorrow!
– HARD – Poppy’s Very own Class – It’s for Poppy! It’s for you!
– HARD – More Quad-lity of Life – Want to not get stuck on the potty in your older age?

We now have more than 100 videos for you on the site! Let us know how we can make your experience better.

Thank you for still being awesome.