User Category Highlight: 65+

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What is the 65+ User Category?

As you can imagine from the name, this category of videos is particularly great for anyone over 65!

After many years, we can start to deal with issues in the body that tend to arise through time. Some of the issues include things like overuse injuries, or weakness from underuse!

And yes, though this category is particularly curated for practitioners over 65, it’s great for anyone looking for functional, gentle classes!

Sounds good, but how can I find it?

Great question! Before we get started, make sure you’re logged in!

First, go over to the Search Classes menu on the left.
Then, click on “User Categories” at the very top.
Finally, click on “65+” and voila! You’ll get the search results.

See this screenshot below for a visual:

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these classes, and what you think about them!

If you need any support finding this category, or with anything else, you can always reach our Customer Support at!

Happy practicing!

Maria Henning
Author: Maria Henning