[Singing] A Whole New Woooorld! [/Singing]


How Exciting!

This is year 6 of working on having a video documentation of everything the Yoga Better style has developed for more than a decade.


You’ll see there are 5 categories of practices, 3 lengths, and 3 difficulties. It’s been a joy to bring these to you, and the promise is we will get you 2 new videos each and every week, until there’s nothing left to document.

Considering that I teach nearly 2,000 postures, and each posture has several hundred variations, and there are boundaries which we still have yet to discover, that may be a while!

You’ll be using the Version 1.0 videos recorded in 2015 and I’m now hard at work on the 2nd Generation updating and expanding the library.

Our business exists for a simple reason:
You get to feel better wherever you are, whenever you have 10-40 minutes.

Big Love,
Andrew + the YB Crew