New This Week – 4.15.2019



This week is going to be fun – here’s what’s new:
1. Seven whole new videos, freshly baked! Check them out below.
2. On Sunday, April 21st, we are hosting Robert Boustany at our home studio for a special evening of focused conversation, while also supporting an organization that changes the lives of foster children in San Diego! See the event here to learn more about the event, Robert, and our fundraiser.
3. We live streamed for the first time ever! Last Thursday evening, we streamed and recorded two live classes at our studio here in Houston – an easy-peasy class (37:35) and a triple-spice hard class (1:57:53). Click here to check them out and use the timestamps to find the start of each class!

New Videos This Week:
EASY – Travel Agency – Got any post-travel pain? Check this one out!
EASY – Ex-Sciatica-Ing – Getting super enthusiastic about the sciatic nerve
EASY – Elbowy Assessment – Troubleshooting elbow issues
EASY – Handy Assessment – Troubleshooting hand issues
EASY – Shouldery Assessment – Troubleshooting shoulder issues
MEDIUM – Now You’re a Quadraped – Being 4-legged isn’t as easy as it looks!
MEDIUM – Easy Over Medium – 49 minutes of yoga, served medium

What kinds of videos are you wanting?
Got anything you’d love to see on the website?