New This Week – 10.24.18


New Videos This Week –
EASY – Betty’s Not Lying (She’s Standing + Sitting!) – For those that can’t get down on the ground, a great chair class for your hips.
MEDIUM – Front Splits, Side Splits, Lying Down, “Oh My!” – This is pretty intense. Enjoy how sore you’ll be.
HARD – Poppy’s Very Own Class I – Here’s some of the most important things my baby girl needs for her practice.

As you know, this website is an attempt to document everything that I know that makes a difference with the bodies of my very varied students. From people for whom getting on the ground is a real problem (Betty’s Not Lying), to slowly recording, in practice format, every helpful arm-balancing variation I know, my hope is this site is making a positive difference in getting your hours up in your yoga practice.

Is it helping?

Cheers from your’s truly,