Got 50 minutes to get stronger? Try these 3 classes we’ve hand-picked for you!

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We’ve picked these three videos to challenge your body sufficiently so that you get stronger this year.

Why Be Strong?

Go pick up a weight that weighs as much as you. That’s what your legs have to deal with every step you ever taken. That’s what your arms have to contend with getting off the floor and out of the bed. In simple terms:

You are heavy.

And I want you to not notice it for the rest of your life. That means having excess strength needed to move your big ‘ol body around. If you only have juuuuuuuust enough to move, any sickness, injury, or year off from working out will put you under the threshold for functional strength. Let’s keep you waaaaaaaaay over that line, yes?

Why Now?

I appreciate how my client put it when he said,

In your youth,
you measure everything in absolute terms.
But as you age,
you begin to measure everything in relative terms.

“Wow, he is really hot!” vs.,
“Wow, he looks really great…for a 89 year old!”

To be alive means we are constantly exposed to the forces of aging and entropy, and it’s not pretty when you lose. Remember: If I took a photo of you right now, showed it to you in 10 years, you would all say: “Look how young I look!” So…let’s really get that this is as young as you’ll ever be, and this is as easy as it will ever be for you to develop strength.

Your muscles are atrophying right now. They are getting better at sitting on your butt and storing body fat.

The work you do today makes you measurably weaker and worse at everything you want to do. Then when you rest, there is a period of adaptation as the body heals itself in preparation for that thing happening again. This is one of the hardest things for people to get into their noggin: 

You get stronger when you rest. 

No rest, no adaptation. This includes literal sleep, as well as resting from the stimulus that ‘messed you up’. 

Now the fun part: putting all this great insight to work and get stronger!

*If you find that these classes are too challenging for you today, remember: these classes are for you.
Try them, take as many breaks as you need or just lie on the floor with your legs up the wall. The point is NOT to do every pose, but rather to spend time feeling your body.
You want to challenge your abilities all while paying attention to your body so your don’t go beyond your limits. If you aren’t sure, back off and try again later!

Classes in this playlist:
1. Lunge Date
2. How to Get Arms Warm Fast
3. Harder Absolutely Floored

Bookmark this blog post so you can easily come back to this 50 minute strength playlist! You can do these classes 3 or 4 times a week with rest in between!

Once you’ve tried it, let us know what you think in the comments below!