Let’s Get Handy!

Maria HenningBlogs

Our hands are incredibly important. If we want to have them be functional now, and for the rest of our lives, then we need to start paying attention to them, taking care of them, and giving them a reason to get stronger.

Here are four classes – starting easy and getting harder – that will walk you through (1) troubleshooting issues in your hands, (2) getting to the source of hand functionality or dysfunctionality, (3) increasing your hand strength, and (4) testing out your newfound power!

You can do these classes in sequence (all four in a row) for a well-rounded hand practice, or if you’re new to hand work, you can just do the first two or three for a few weeks or months to build strength before trying the harder classes.

1. Handy Assessment – EASY

Wondering what’s going on with your hands? Got any weird pains? Start with 10 minutes of self-assessment for your most sensitive tools!

2. The Nerve of Your Hands (Hint: It’s Your Neck!) – EASY

Let’s address where much of the source of dysfunction in our hands stems from: our neck! We need good blood flow and nerve connection to our hands for them to work, and all of that can get stopped at the neck.

3. Hand Torture – MEDIUM

For 10 minutes, let’s give your hands a reason to get stronger! Do this practice twice a week, with time to rest in between.

4. Poppy’s Very Own Class – HARD

To top off the end of your hand work, try this 20 minute class that will test your newfound strength!

After doing any hand work, be sweet to your hands, take some time off, and when you come back, see if there’s a difference!

And your face just might look like this the whole time: