TST2017 – Infectious Learning


Being around people who love to learn is infectious, but learning is so founded from and by one’s self. To grow, I need to have

  • the underlying interest in the subject
  • the excitement for growth
  • the willingness to self-access
  • the curiosity to fuel gaining knowledge

That’s why I have always acknowledged that the Teacher Student Training Course is not for everyone at this moment in their lives. I want people to develop their personal aesthetic, their preference for this versus this, and in the course, I challenge you to do that further, but even registering for the course is a choice based on a preference, a belief in me or the course, and an underlying interest that you may not be able to fully explain.

I love that!

In dancing Argentine tango, I have a rule:
If you say no, I won’t ask you more than twice to dance.

That’s not the same as being upset or offended that you said no. Rather, it’s for a simple reason:
I only want to dance with people who want to dance with me.

I want you to dance with whom you want to dance. You don’t have to want to dance with me! This is your life and the one life that we all have to live: enjoy! With any luck, there will be someone else that want to dance with me.

I feel the same about all studios, styles, preferences, practices, focuses, and aesthetics that we all express through our yoga practice or classes. This is not a zero-sum game, where if you win, I lose. Nope. You win, awesome! Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. But the more yoga we have out there, the better.

I am committed to creating things that make a measurable impact on the quality of people’s lives, and the way I do it, the product I create, the language I use, the things I emphasize, are all my own, born from the wonderful chance that has been my upbringing and history. If that doesn’t float your boat, cool-beans. Hopefully someone will like my stuff and come. That form or self-selection is so important and, I believe, what makes the TST such a unique and fun course.

If you’ve been on the fence about taking the course, I’ll always say the same thing:
What do you want? 

Why would you take all the trouble to pay for and attend this course? Then it’s up to me to do whatever it takes for you to have a great time.

This is a room that loves learning, growing, strengthening the sinew that supports and connects our understanding, our classes, our practice, our bodies. If you’re in that room, you’ll love it! But you wouldn’t be in the room if you didn’t love it, anyway. 🙂 [Mind Blown!]

That’s the good kind of Catch 22 I love embracing. If you’re considering the course, there’s a reason, so you might as well jump. I promise you’ll love it. After all, it was you who chose it!