Have you been traveling? Try these 3 classes!

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Whether you’ve been getting around via plane or car, walking a lot or mostly lounging, traveling anywhere is still a cause of stress for our bodies.

Huh? Traveling is stressful? Shouldn’t my vacation be relaxing?

Well, think about it: You wake up at a new time, to go to a new place, to sleep in a new bed, eat new food, and be around new smells (and new allergens). If the break in routine wasn’t enough, you’re also hauling your heavy bags and potentially having a scuffle or two with your travel buddy about what sights to see while hungry and tired!

Pro tip: Bring lots and lots of snacks on your trips so you never again have to make decisions on an empty stomach!

So what do you do when you come back?

Besides unpacking of course, you’ve got to undo the stress that you caused to your body during your travels.

We have an entire video category dedicated to classes that are designed to do just that, which you can find here. Alternatively, just choose ‘Travel’ underneath ‘Areas of Focus’ on the navigation bar.

But if you’re looking through all the videos and you’re not sure where to start, we have put together these three classes for you to combine and get a full 60-minute travel reset once you come back from your trip!

Check them out below:

1. Look Good Necked
Start with 10 minutes of relaxing your neck. Chances are, you’ve totally had your shoulders up by your ears all weekend and your neck is quite tight – let’s undo that.

2. Ex-Sciatica-Ing
Here’s the meat of the package: 40 minutes of focused hip work to deal with one of main travel pains we get, sciatic nerve pain.

3. Absolutely Floored
Finish your 60 minute class with 10 minutes of floor time to get ready to take the first relaxing nap since you got back from your trip!

There you have it: A full 60 minutes of our version of Traveler’s Insurance. Try it & let us know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time, and next trip!

Bonus: do these while you’re traveling for extra travel fun!