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[You live your life as though] you can [only] permit yourself one failure… and devote your remaining days to mourning. ‘Alas, alas, the critics panned my play.’ ‘When was this, friend?’ ‘In 1894!’

This failure, it would seem, has been kept like a trophy, lovingly polished and always on display. But for a productive life, and a happy one, each failure must be felt and worked through. It must form part of the dynamic of your creativity.”

– James Fenton

Most of us really really REALLY never ever ever want to experience failing at something…

…But that’s exactly what success requires.

If success takes time, then measure every failure as a marker of your progress.

To grow, learn, progress, expand, and move forward, ask yourself this:
How many failures can you collect in your life?

This will determine how quickly and how much you grow… and then maybe you can actually learn to enjoy your failures and see them for what they are: steps forward towards achieving the things that you want.