Well, we love you guys like crazy.

Getting to run a space that allows us to meet and support all of you in our small way feels like a dream come true.

We also love thinking how to give thanks: how to both be grateful and express gratitude in an impactful way. We’re lucky enough to know some of the most crazily generous people in Houston: People who have sparked movements, given their lives to creating new programs, founded schools, initiatives, non-profits, community projects, and given away more tacos than most people could ever sell.

These leaders inspire us. And in their shadow, we humbly (but really excitedly announce) that

All sYB classes will be
Free for the month of DECEMBER

“What is that you say!?!” Yes, free! Bring that neighbor or spouse, coworker or sibling, and give them the gift that you know will make a difference for their life.

Consider this a small gift to the city we love amd ome that has given us so much.

But there’s more! Though your attendance in Dec won’t count against your blocks, we’re still selling them, and offering a chance to win:

For each block of 10 classes you buy in December,
you’ll be entered into a drawing for
A Year of Free sYB Yoga!

2018 is going to be a really good year for someone!
(drawing will be Jan 1st)

New: Tuesday + Thurs Class & Change
You loved these classes at Tacos A Gogo, now they’re here for their winter home (And not in the sun, either!)

Tues 10:15am w/ Michelle Kelly
Thurs 10:15am w/ Andria Dugas!

Tacos + Coffee
for the
Thurs Dec 7
10:15am classes only (sorry other classes!)