Class Highlight: It Doesn’t Have to Look Pretty, Whew!

Maria HenningBlogs

This hard class with Andria is everything you need to work on arm strength. But the real magic is in the name – it doesn’t have to look pretty, whew!

Why is this approach so helpful?
If we’ve been raised on a diet of aesthetics – and not body sensation – then we’ve been trained to focus on what our body looks like rather than what it feels like.

In the Yoga Better style, we define yoga as ‘feeling your body.’

Over the years, we’ve discovered that when we put our attention on body sensation rather than on body position – function over form that’s when our body transforms, we get stronger and more functional, and we get hurt less and less and less every year.

If you’ve ever come to our studio classes in Houston, TX and an instructor adjusted you in a position – it wasn’t because we care about what it looks like. It was always about improving the safety and functionality of the pose you were in.

So – our invitation to you is: Moving forward, in any yoga class (or physical activity) that you do, put all of your attention on how your body feels, and not necessarily on how your body looks. Let it not be pretty!

And of course, try Andria’s hard class – It Doesn’t Have to Look Pretty, Whew!

Once you’ve tried it, let us know what you think in the comments below!