Class Highlight! “Breath O-Clock”

Maria HenningBlogs

Want to double your lung capacity this year? Try this 20 minute breathing mini-workshop and practice, guaranteed to make your ribs shake!

What you’ll need:

– You’ll need a breath spirometer if you want to test your lung capacity like Andrew will show you in the video, but otherwise nothing is required.
– If you want to practice your breathing outside of this video (highly recommended!), find yourself an analog clock, or even download an analog clock app on your device!

What you’ll get:

– A new way to measure your lung capacity
– The skillset to measurably increase your lung capacity
– A transformational practice in lowering your stress response
– A way of staying in hard poses longer, and feeling your body

Ready? Get breathing on Breath O-Clock!

After finishing this video – try doing 5-6 minutes of breath work a day for the next week and let us know how it goes!

Forgetting to breathe is the #1 cause of not breathing (after death).