Brand New Videos and Categories!

Maria HenningBlogs

We have two brand new categories (with new videos inside them!) just for you:

1. Fundamentals

Definition: These videos are deep dives into the building blocks and the thinking behind why we do what we do at Yoga Better. These fundamentals are at the core of every class we teach. If you want to learn more about the nuance and the why behind our style, start here!

Fundamentals – Twist

Let’s talk about rotation, specifically, in the spine. What exactly is rotation? What’s the difference between active and passing twisting? We answer these questions and more! Let’s get twisty.

Fundamentals – Balance

What is happening when we balance? Let’s distinguish some key concepts when talking about balance (and balancing)!

2. Yoga Don’ts with Yoga Better

Definition: In these videos, you’ll learn about why we never do certain things – postures, mechanics, movements, tec. – in our style. We will tell you all about the arguments for and against these ‘don’ts,’ what is actually happening anatomically, and how we got to the conclusion of taking them completely out of our style.

Yoga Don’ts – Knees Falling In

We explore why exactly we don’t want your knees to fall in. What does “knees falling in” even mean, anatomically speaking? Let’s get into it!

Plus we included a bonus hard class, since we know you want those too:

Wall-owing in Misery

You will need a wall! (And some floor) Join Andrew as he uses a seemingly harmless object – a wall – to create a crazy burn!

Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions!