Oct + Nov YB Workshops Coming Up!

2 WORKSHOPS COMING – Oct 1 2-4pm @ Pralaya Yoga The Hardest Legs Workshop You’ve Ever Done For those that love a challenge and being sore Level – Experienced/Moderately Fit to Advanced/Absurdly Fit Welcome Description – Turns out your legs are pretty important. They are the linchpin on which a huge percentage of human movement […]

Workshop - Legs 1.0

VYB Room Fisheye

mYB Vlog 2 – Soccer + Cool Doohickeys + 20 Videos!

A bit closer to our goal before we launch live! We have 20 Videos filmed and cut! WOooooooooooot! I was up late last night filming this and this is what it looked like when I did it. >Inquiry< There is something wrong with this picture that tells you right away that this photo is staged […]

My Yoga Better + mYB Vlog 1

Well Alright! Today is day 10 of filming for the upcoming Video.YogaBetter.com video subscription site and we had our first casualty: Had a camera hit the deck and a lens is toast…such is the cost of picking up expensive heavy pieces of glass! We have so much fun in this room, I can’t wait to […]

Javeon Lense Casualtysm