Weekly What’s New – July 24


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This week, you get

– Three new videos this week:
HARD – sYB w/ Andrew 7.19.18 (Classroom video from studio Yoga Better)
EASY – Thumbs-up (How to keep your thumbs and grip strength healthy!)
EASY – HOW TO – Leverage for Luggage Lifting (A quick How-To on lifting stuff, particularly off of the ground.)

– My lovely wife-lady fixed all of the thumbnails for all new vids, so now you can get a sense of what you’re gonna get.

Next week:
– We’ll have our Heart Rate Training workshop up next week as well as two new practice videos for your home practice.
– I’ll have the long-awaited ‘How To Best Practice At Home w/ A Website’ video! Woot!

+ Some New Promos!