The Yoga Better Training

The entirely original 200 Hour course is designed to empower you to lead classes and lead in your life at a whole new level of confidence and proficiency.

Whether you want to teach or not,

Whether you’ve already been certified or not,

from the basics to the most advanced mechanics,

if you are ready to grow as a yoga practictioner,

if you are excited to have more energy (that can’t be drained),

if you are ready to have the tools to help your students feel better,

if you are ready to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the body,

if you are excited about having strong latissimus dorsi,

  this course is for you.


If you’re thinking, 


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You are also welcome to email or

call with any questions: //  832.768.8288


We’ve had over 100 students

graduate this course and grow

like crazy along the way

– we can’t wait to have you join them!


Much Love, 

Andrew Royal Dugas,

Founder of Yoga Better