It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. Here are 3 classes for your dad to try!

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Be honest: How long have you been trying to get your dad to do yoga?

We’ve chosen the below three classes for fathers everywhere because they directly impact issues that busy dads tend to deal with:

1. The first issue is uncomfortable posture & constant neck tension – that’s why we’ve started the class with Posture Fixer Upper: 10 minutes of working on spinal health, relieving pain and tightness from slouching and having your head forward all day.

2. The second issue is a lack of space to be mindful, along with a general lack of clarity for how to increase body awareness. Bah Lands comes in to address how you can use mentally challenging but physically non-demanding poses to increase your ability to focus on and feel your body.

3. Finally, sleep is an issue that many dads (and people in general!) have a hard time mastering! Plus, who doesn’t like to end a class totally relaxed on the floor? And so, the cherry on top of this class combo is Quick Nap.

How to do this class:

Feel free to do the full ~40 minute class in this order, or if one issue in particular sticks out, skip straight to the video that will directly address it!

Find all the videos below:

1. Posture Fixer Upper
This short, standing postural reset is a must. Start the class with getting acquainted with the feeling of a solid, upright posture that’s safe for your back and your neck.

2. Bah Lands
Keep that upright posture and relaxed neck and jump into 20 minutes of easy but mentally challenging balance work, improving our standing, walking, mental focus, and connection to our legs and feet.

3. Quick Nap
When’s the last time your dad got a full night’s rest? I know my dad is always waking up too early and is never able to fall asleep easily. Let’s remedy that, and end the class with a prep for sleep.

Three classes and ~40 minutes of easy, but powerfully effective practices that any awesome dads in your life can benefit from. Try them and give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy Father’s Day!