Class Highlight: Hander-Standably Difficult

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For those of you that have been asking for HARD videos and arm balancing videos – here you go! Thirty-minutes of absolute heart-rate climbing, arm-shaking, hand-standing awesomeness. Ready to make some progress in your handstand practice? Let’s go! Hander-Standably Difficult

New This Week – Two New Workshops! 9.12.209


Howdy! We’ve uploaded two new workshops from earlier this summer for you! Enjoy. How Hips Work How do you develop full range of motion for a movement most would consider only for contortionists, or those who got flexible as children? This workshop is designed to get clarity on what exactly is happening in our body when we move. As always, … Read More

Class Highlight: Most played class!

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Our top played class is… (Drum roll, please)… I’m Pretty Sure My Back is Going to Be Sore I! This HARD video has been played over 180 times! That means over 100 hours of back sore-ness for many lucky people out there. Make sure you’re logged in, click on the class above, try it out yourself, and let us know … Read More

New This Week – 8.29.2019

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P.S. Make sure you’re signed in before you click the links so you can go straight to the videos! EASY – Charge Yer Battery in 20 MEDIUM – Medium Well Done HARD – It Doesn’t Have to Look Pretty, Whew! Why Not – Tailbone Tucking – Yoga Don’ts with Yoga Better Why Not – Core – Yoga Don’ts with Yoga … Read More

New This Week – 8.15.2019

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Can you believe it’s the middle of August? We’ve got FIVE new videos for you. Check them out: A whole new slew of “Yoga Don’ts!” 1. Why Not – Headstands – Yoga Dont’s 2. Why Not – Shoulderstands – Yoga Dont’s 3. Why Not – Stretching the Back of your Shoulder – Yoga Dont’s A new MEDIUM video, as requested! 4. MEDIUM / HARD … Read More


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[You live your life as though] you can [only] permit yourself one failure… and devote your remaining days to mourning. ‘Alas, alas, the critics panned my play.’ ‘When was this, friend?’ ‘In 1894!’ This failure, it would seem, has been kept like a trophy, lovingly polished and always on display. But for a productive life, and a happy one, each … Read More

Got knees? Then you’ll like this class!

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These joints are so important and are sometimes prone to pain. Let’s take care of them! 1. Knee-Hab This class is 14 minutes of pure knee rehab: Knee-hab! Andrew walks you through the main tenets of knee function, and has you do the one thing we never do: full range of motion. Sitting in chairs doesn’t allow us to reach … Read More

Brand New Videos and Categories!

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We have two brand new categories (with new videos inside them!) just for you: 1. Fundamentals Definition: These videos are deep dives into the building blocks and the thinking behind why we do what we do at Yoga Better. These fundamentals are at the core of every class we teach. If you want to learn more about the nuance and … Read More

Two Ways to Slow Down

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Looking to interrupt the way-too-fast speed your day is going? To slow down we can use many different strategies; in this post, we want to show you two specific ways to achieve that goal. Either way, there’s a nap at the end 😉 1. Dive Right In The first method is to simply start relaxing muscle tension, breathing deeply, and … Read More

Class Highlight! “Breath O-Clock”

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Want to double your lung capacity this year? Try this 20 minute breathing mini-workshop and practice, guaranteed to make your ribs shake! What you’ll need: – You’ll need a breath spirometer if you want to test your lung capacity like Andrew will show you in the video, but otherwise nothing is required. – If you want to practice your breathing outside of this video … Read More