Anatomy for Movement Arts

Anatomy for Movement Arts

The most in depth, clear, and useful anatomy course you’ll ever take.

For the first time, open to people outside the Yoga Better Training.
If you participate in any movement discipline, from Jiu Jitsu or other martial arts, parkour, rock climbing, acrobatics, gymnastics, cross-fit, yoga, running, sports from baseball, to soccer, to table tennis, this course will transform how you see the body.
You will see clearly why some things work and others do not, and start your journey to truly understand and be empowered to help yourself and others with their bodies.

What’s included?

We examine the mechanics of every discipline each participant cares about.
You’ll receive the first copies of Andrew’s Much-Anticipated Anatomy for Movement Arts Book.
Guaranteed to blow your mind with better understanding.

The Details:

– Ten Hours of Video Instruction

– Yoga Better Anatomy Manual (>100 Pages)

– Everything downloadable



Ready to transform your anatomy knowledge, and your discipline?

Get your entire 10 hours course now!

10 hours of Instructional Video (Downloadable!)
Feb 2020 Edition of the Yoga Better Anatomy Book (Printable)


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You want to help yourself and others with their bodies.

This course will give you the tools to get there.